Piwick with PHP Version 5.1.3RC4-dev

(gemblev) #1

I am a user of PhpMyVisites and want to install Piwik.
But the installation process show:

To run Piwik you need at least PHP version 5.1.3
Unfortunately it seems your webserver is using PHP version 5.1.3RC4-dev.

My ISP (FREE is a french ISP and a PIWIK sponsor) have PHP Version 5.1.3RC4-dev.

Help me please

(vipsoft) #2

5.1.3RC4-dev is a development release candidate which is older than 5.1.3. You can try changing the version required in config/global.ini.php.

(gemblev) #3

I modified config/global.ini.php by replacing
minimum_php_version = 5.1.3
minimum_php_version = 5.1.3RC4-dev
but it is not ok
look the screen below

System Check
PHP version > 5.1.3RC4-dev
PDO extension
Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions.

On a Linux server you can compile php with the following options:


In your php.ini, add the following lines:


More information on: PHP PDO and MYSQLI.

(vipsoft) #4

Yes, Piwik requires either the mysqli extension (also known as “MySQL Improved”) or PDO + pdo_mysql extensions.

Piwik doesn’t support the older mysql extension (because Zend Framework doesn’t support it).