Piwic does not track all visits

I am comparing piwic results to webalizer logs and the difference is drastic. About 50% of traffic is not recorded.

Piwic ignores arbitrary directories, does not record all pageviews (tested with creating new page and accessing it several times).

I added javascript code to all pages and somehow it works.

I like piwic and would love to use it for site stats, but…

What can be done about this issue?

If you need any site details, etc - I’d gladly provide it.

Please read FAQ before posting! Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I did read faq - however I find it hard to believe 50% of visitors have javascipt disabled or do not load small page like this completely.

(site is in ukrainian)

server stats 384 hits
piwik 191 hits

And this is just an example

We are 10 year old site and would notice log ago if 50% of our traffic being from abouted reads.

Piwik also arbitrary ignores vistis to wordpress site with plugin installed

I tried to load page myself, of course it loaded fully. I have everything enaled and my visits were not being recorded.

I am wondering if I am doing somehitng wrong and what can be fixed to make stats more consistent.

Since I can’t see your server logs, I can’t say for certain what the discrepancy may be attributeable to.

Certainly, one of the big differences is that Piwik is bot-resistant by using JavaScript (and server-side filtering).

Other comments:

  1. if you use javascript: links, Piwik ignores those. If you want to track them, you have to call trackLink() from your javascript.

  2. if you use onclick() handlers which return a value; any value can cancel event bubbling/propagation in some browsers; due to the undefined order in which click handlers may be registered, this could prevent Piwik’s click handler from running

I don’t use either (1,2).

grepped apache logfile for a single URL from first post - look here http://maidan.org.ua/sample-stats.txt

I see 30 instances of something that looks like proxy libwww-perl/5.805

but this does not cover all disrepancy in views

I just took a quick look at your site, and actually, you do use 1 and 2.

Um…the URL to sample-stats.txt is broken. I tried a couple of variations in case you typo’d. You’ll see those attempts i your logs. :wink:

The 30 instances of libwww-perl suggests your site is being crawled by bots/scripts. The majority of bots don’t execute JavaScript and thus, would not be tracked. Smart bots (e.g., using HtmlUnit) or scripts that spoof the User-Agent will be harder to detect.

Oops, mea culpa!

here it is http://maidan.org.ua/sample-log.txt

As for 1,2 - these don’t account for much traffic and links like these are being clicked maybe 1-2% of times. Most traffic produced by plain html links.

Additional problem is wordpress blog - piwic stats show visits 10 times less than wordpress counter. Blog is here Влада і Соціум - with piwik plugin activated.

Also - mediawiki own counter shows 3 times more visits than piwik.

Pages stats show entries like this

(there are no pages like this on our site)

with links going to proxy-plus.com

Those links clutter output a lot. How they can be eliminated?

Installed gallery plugin and it does not track any visits (including my own)
Gallery is here http://maidan.org.ua/gallery/