PHP Fatal error with the WordPress plugin


I can’t use Matomo on WordPress since few days. I have this error

PHP Fatal error: Declaration of DI\\Container::has($name) must be compatible with Psr\\Container\\ContainerInterface::has(string $id): bool in /data/web/wp-content/plugins/matomo/app/vendor/php-di/php-di/src/Container.php on line 210',

Any idea?

Did you update something recently? (server, Matomo, WP, Apache, etc.)

Something has probably changed but I can’t see what. No updates that come to mind and php/apache and the server have not moved.

which version ok Matomo to you use?

I’m using the version 4.11.0

@innocraft, any idea?

Hi @RogerW, You may have an incompatible plugin. Do you have one of these plugins installed?

Can you share with us your system report available from the menu Matomo Analytics > Diagnostics ?

Kind regards