Persistent opt-out?

(hightechguy) #1


I’m wondering if it’s possible to make opt-out settings permanent. One of my clients have delete-all-cookies policy and as a result once a month I see all kind of after login pages appear in stats.

I was thinking about setting the oup-out cookie in admin section of the site, so even one deletes all cookies login to the admin section of the site would “recover” opt-out, making opt out persistent

It’s not bullet proof, but can cleanmost of the garbage from the stats.

Is it possible to do?

Thank you in advance!

(hightechguy) #2

I’ve got cookie
piwik_ignore = ignore%3DczoxOiIqIjs%3D%3A_%3D81ca4a98d14728535a074736404add30389334c9
Does anyone knows the meaning of this? Can this be used to keep my browser opt out? Can I use this for other users too?


(Matthieu Aubry) #3

The best way would be to ban by IP address in this case, if the user has a static IP address.

(hightechguy) #4

Hi, Matt

Unfortunately this is not the case. I wish it was, IP exclusion is the standard Piwik exclusion mechanism for a long while.
All I need is to understand the nature of the exclude cookie, so I could set it for all the users who log in to the back end.

Thank you for your time!

(hightechguy) #5

well, they re not :frowning: