Permissions? One Click update


What should the permissions be for all of the folders (recursively) minus those that must be 777 in order to utilize One Click update?

I only saw the following and it didn’t provide specifics:

Open URL 
Note: Piwik's One Click update requires write-permissions to the Piwik folder and its contents.

Also, are those permissions both during installation and afterward?


Installed piwik 5mins ago and have the same question :slight_smile:

Seems to be really hard to answer this question…


If the directory/file owner and web server user have the same UID, use 0600 for files and 0700 for directories.

If not, but the owner and web server user are in the same group, use 0660 for files, and 0770 for directories.

Otherwise, use 0666 for files, and 0777 for directories. (If you’re on a shared hosting account and have to be this permissive, then I’d probably switch hosting providers.)

Thank you Anthon.