Permission denied to non administrator

I just installed Piwik with the help of our system administrator. I don’t have root access, but he done all the jobs that the administrator should do (change the file ownership and setup a MySQL database and user) so I could install piwik.

Everything is working fine, except the Geolocation which is based on language! I downloded ‘GeoLiteCity.dat’ as advised and when I want to copy it into my piwik folder (named ‘analytics’) I get a Permission denied error:

mv: cannot move ‘./public_html/GeoLiteCity.dat’ to ‘./public_html/analytics/misc/GeoLiteCity.dat’: Permission denied

This is because the owner of this folder is now ‘apache’:

drwxr-xr-x  12 apache   apache     4096 May 12 11:21 analytics

Unfortunately I don’t have enough knowledge of Apache to understand how I might make changes in this file (like copying the geolocation data). Is it possible for me to make changes in this folder without having to ask (bother!) our administrator every time?

Thanks in advance.