Performance issue on Matomo UI in Goals Overview page

Here is the Background, We have set up Matomo in a quite powerful server and we have experience on it around 2 years. After we setup more and more goal on one site, which around 55 goals now. The Matomo “Goals Overview” page taking around 3-5 min to full loaded and it will hang the entire server (Eve CPU load not full, DB load and connection no full, and the disk IO still has capacity). The server has Cron Trigger for archive already, we can only saw the browser has around 110 web request to the server when the “Goal Overview” page is accessed. So it must be a loading issue.
Our question is how can we speed this up, or cache this page for more user to access it, thanks.
Only solution I can think of is to add more UI servers in the Load Balancer.

So many requests will always take some time, but 3-5 minutes is quite long. Seems like your server is archiving something in the background while you’re loading the dashboard.
Are you querying for a segment or custom date ranges? Or the default setting (day / week /month)?
Did you definitely disable broswer triggered archiving in the settings?

Possible solution if custom date ranges are the problem:

  • set “archiving_range_force_on_browser_request = 0” in the config.ini.php (section [General]) - this will prevent custom date ranges from being archived and eating up server power
  • you can also disable the selection of range in the UI date picker: enabled_periods_UI = “day,week,month,year”

How many visitors do you you have in your instance? Do you use CustomDimensions?

Since CPU/DB load is not fully ramped up, I’m wondering if there’s another bottleneck with your setup (e.g. php-fpm threads, opCache, InnoDB buffer pool, etc.)

Hi Peterbo,
Thank you for your quick help! I was very busy last week, haven’t got time to update the details.

For more deatail for the config:

  1. For the segment, there are no segment at the qurey time
  2. For the range, we used the default with “yesterday” only, which mean 1 day in range
  3. For the trigger, we are sure all the browser trigger is off, and the server relied on the cron job for the archiving
  4. For the number of visitor, we have around 35k to 40k per day, page view around 65k for the instance.
  5. For the Custom Dimensions, we have installed the plugin, but we haven’t use any dimension yet.

And you are right, we can’t locate the bottleneck of the setup, but the server has been review in the configs include

  1. php-fpm threads looks alright
  2. opCache enabled
  3. InnoDB buffer enabled

As the web server is in AWS, we also look into the EBS IO, and after changed to higher IO, seems has no effect yet.
We are just wonder is the “Goals Overview” page query will be the issue.

After updated to version Matomo 3.13.0 after a day. The page seems back to speed. And to be honest, we are not very sure what was the bottleneck before. Hopeful this can help other user.