Performance gain + several features with Plugin

(Xetra-Max) #1


cause Piwik already uses jquery and this will be updated to 1.3x perhaps this nice plugin would be helpful for Piwik!

It’s called DATATABLES, and it is rock-stable.

several advantages if it would be integrated:

  1. it’s really easy to integrate! (if you use already the “normal” html Table structure)

  2. server side processing OR client side processing (then for the user you got INSTANT sorting etc…)
    therefore it is possible to save a lot of mysql queries (of course the first query would be a big one, cause all the data needs to get out of the database)
    for the user it is really fast, because of the instant sorting…

Quote from the webpage:

DataTables is a plug-in for the jQuery Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, based upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, which will add advanced interaction controls to any HTML table. Key features:

* Variable length pagination
* On-the-fly filtering
* Multi-column sorting with data type detection
* Smart handling of column widths
* Display data from almost any data source
      o DOM, Javascript array, Ajax file and server-side processing (PHP, C#, Perl, Ruby, AIR, Gears etc)
* Fully internationalisable
      o UK, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Norwegian, Portuguese Brazilian (and more) translations provided
* jQuery UI ThemeRoller support
* Rock solid - backed by a suite of 1300+ unit tests
* It's free!
* State saving
* Hidden columns
* Dynamic creation of tables
* Ajax auto loading of data
* Custom DOM positioning
* Single column filtering
* Alternative pagination types
* Non-destructive DOM interaction
* Sorting column(s) highlighting
* Extensive plug-in support
      o Sorting, type detection, API functions, pagination and filtering
* Fully themeable by CSS
* Solid documentation
* Full support for Adobe AIR

you could achieve several features like CSV export etc…because there’s also a plugin for that:
Add a toolbar to DataTables enhanced tables which allows the end user to perform actions such as saving files Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Excel (XLS), copying data to system Clipboard, or printing the table.

example: datatables DOT net/1.5-beta/extras/TableTools/

more infos on: www DOT datatables DOT net/

greetings xetra

ps: could post with the links, so i wrote DOT instead of using the “.”

(Xetra-Max) #2

all examples here:

datatables DOT net/examples/

(vipsoft) #3

Thanks. We started experimenting with the datatables plugin a while back. (Ticket #760)

Changing the table presentation is a low priority at the moment. Integrating the datatables plugin is non-trivial as it isn’t a drop-in replacement.