Percentages in pages /visit nos displayed

in the 2.0.3 version, the % are not anymore calculated in pages / visit as the picture.
the display is "0% (536 visits) " instead of “75% …”

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your screenshot looks ok here. can you please post a screenshot showing the problem?

I would also show the page/visit on the dashboard/main page. This is one of the most important metric.

Every day I look the amount of pageviews and unique visitors, then in the browser I type the first figure divide by the second so that Google calculate show me the page/visit metric. Help us not to use gg pls :)-D

Can you clearlyu explain what you ask for? I still do not understand the link with the graph. Thanks

provide a metric on the dashboard like on this page:

Daily Pageviews per Visitor

There is a widget you can add “Visitors overview” which contains this metric and a few others