Per User Setting

I now have 2.2.0 running without any problem, but I am wondering if there is any per user settings that can be set.

Some of the settings I am looking at is for view only users;

  1. No adding of wigits in web interface.
  2. DIsable of the Widgets | API | Email Reports on the top of the page.

These settings I want to turn on or off on a per user only, via the admin.

Is there any way at all.

Sadly not AFAIK.

May I suggest you create a ticket on Trac. Give arguments and use case, it always help make the features worth it…


To add to this, is there a way to disable/remove the “widgets and dashboard” drop down menu? I use Piwik with clients and I do not want them to change the dashboard after I have set it up for them.

If there is a spot in the code that can be commented out, that would be great.