PDF Report - Visitors of all websites shown and not only your own

Hi everybody,

I was searching for this topic in the forum but couldn’t find something similar.
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or a configuration issue but did someone of you also experience that if users, who only have access to their own website statistic in Piwik, activate their daily PDF report that in the report also the dashboard summary (visitors, actions, …) of all other websites of the Piwik installation is shown? This does not happen if the user manually send the PDF report.

I did not find a way to disable that, the user is not given access to the other website statistics.

I run the latest 1.7.1

Does someone else experience this problem?

Best regards

Thanks it is a bug in 17.1 fixed in latest RC: Index of /
new release to come in next few days with bug fix