PDF Email Reports : Show More Cities

Good afternoon

At the moment the reports ( City Section ) appears to just show the top 15 Cities

Could anyone point me to where I could change this value in the code

Many thanks

When you set up your reportlet on the bottom you can define the number of entries viewable is that not available on your cities reportlet (bottom right corner click and select a larger number)

I dont see any option to change the number of entries when I am setting up a PDF Email Report. I do do if I am trying to do an export of Cities to csv etc. - but my concern is with the PDF Email reports.

It looks like it could be a page size limitation as I have a list of 30 cities but it only lists 20 or so. I think its a PDF defined page setup that is the issue here as the document is fitted to letter landscape mode. For dev team… Is there any way to allow all results if there are 500 lines deep to be put into the PDF?

See the feature request (which you can sponsr if you wish) Scheduled reports: New option to include all rows (no limit) in pdf/html reports · Issue #2817 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

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