"Parameter ... isn't set" error in "Conversions overview by type of visit"

I just downloaded piwik yesterday (1.9.1) and set it up locally with a single website.

My problem is in Goals => View goals by Visit => Custom Variables
Logged in as superuser

The data shows up but when I click on one of the goals or on the “show more metrics” icon all I see is “Loading…”.

With the developer tools I found that the error thrown is:

The parameter ‘idSite’ isn’t set in the Request, and a default value wasn’t provided.

I used to have the same problem with the “period” parameter but after going into the user settings and saving the error changed to parameter ‘idSite’.

I guess by saving my settings I defined a default value for the period parameter. If so I’ll have to do the same for the idSite parameter but can’t find a setting for it.

Update to latest beta where this bug is fixed: http://builds.piwik.org/piwik-1.9.2-b3.zip

Thanks for the response.

Since I want to use Piwik productively I’d rather not use a beta version.
But it’s not online yet so I can wait until it’s out of beta.

Can you give me some sort of timetable for when this will be in the public release?


The beta is more stable than the release :slight_smile: