Pageviews with HTTP status code 200


Is there a way to have a report, which shows pageviews with HTTP status code 2xx/3xx only?

We are processing webserver logs additionally, where all status codes are also logged.

Thanks, Matthias

(Stefan Giehl) #2

If you are using the latest version of log analytics the http status code should be set as custom variable for each page. To enable logging for 3XX and 4XX you may need to set the option --enable-http-errors and/or --enable-http-redirects


Thank you!

We already have this options set. The questions is, if it is possible to have a report like “Actions - Pages” with HTTP status 200 views only.

(Lukas Winkler) #4


According to the docs there is a custom variable set to the status code:

will specify tracking of HTTP errors (4xx, 5xx status) as a page view in Matomo (Piwik), with a custom variable HTTP-code set to 404, 500, etc. The page title for this page view will show the URL referrer if it is specified in the log file (which can help finding out which pages have a link to a 404 for example).
How to use Log Analytics tool - Analytics Platform - Matomo

So you should be able to create a segment with the status code you want.