Pageview: how is action counted correctly?

Hi dears!
How does it possible?
I have 7 actions. One of it was counted twice.

But at the same time in glossary:

it should be counted once?

Why it is counted twice?

Hey @Julia_A ,
The action which has been counted twice shows that this action has been performed twice.
For example, if it is a page view, it is possible that the visitor has reloaded the page after viewing first time. So you are seeing this action as replicate. I hope it is clear now.

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Thanks a lot @Naser_Aslam
Absolutely clear!
But if it was not reload?
I try page view without reloading, but it`s replicate.
I worry, cause it duplicate statistics.

if it is showing duplicate with reload then it means for this particular page, the pageview method in the javascript calling two times. So, you need to cross check the tracking pixel.

Hi @Naser_Aslam
Thanks for your reply!

Probably, my mistake is to track PageView twice : in Matomo tracking code and both in Ecommerce? Have a look please



Thanks a lot for your time!

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yes @Julia_A you are right. You have duplicated the following line. That’s why you are getting duplicate results.


If you want to use it for Ecommerce product view then remove it from the tracking pixel so it can be called just one time.

Glad to hear that it helped. Thanks!


Thanks a lot!
You are absolutely helpful dear @Naser_Aslam
Have a nice day!