Pageview Definition

I have two questions.
If I use, is it correct that Matomo only aggregates pageviews with the extensions defined in

Which request headers does Matomo archive as “Site Search”? Also, do accesses archived as “Site Search” not count as page views?

Piwik が「サイト検索」としてアーカイブするリクエストヘッダーはどれですか? また、「サイト内検索」でアーカイブされたアクセスはページビューとしてカウントされないのでしょうか?

Sorry, my question was wrong.
Am I correct in assuming that if the log I import has a query parameter, Matomo will archive it under “Site Search” and not page views, and it will not be counted as a page view? (Ex:www.XXXX/index.html?q=query)