Pages report: sum of pageviews wrong when extending the time range

Using the api or even the pages report online i get strange results when I compare the pageviews value of the same url in one period with another, longer period.
For example I get
216 Pageviews From 2019-10-15 To 2020-09-30
136 Pageviews From 2019-10-15 To 2020-12-31

So is matomo really that bad when it comes to reporting pageviews in date ranges?
Using the api call with period=day I get results I probably could trust more, but my customers need to use the userinterface.
has anybody seen this issue too?

Hi @Jan77
What is your Matomo version?
Which plugins ae installed?
How did you configure the archiving of data? (CRON, etc?)
How did you configure the archiving of data specifically for periods (different of days, weeks, months, years)?

Hi Philippe,
its the cloud version we are using. So I didnt configure anything by myself here.
I’ve included a screenshot: 2019-10-15 to 2020-09-30 gives me 216 PV
and 2019-10-15 to 2020-12-31 gives me only 136 PVs

Then you may reach the support team by email… Or maybe @innocraft has another clue?

Hi Philippe, thank you - I tried to reach them by webform and email of course, but didn’t get any response until now.
So I wondered if anybody else has seen this issue in matomo.

the support team just gave me a hint to what is happening: its the top 500 rows “and others”… and there’s even an article on that:

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