Page Views different on "Pages" and "Page titles"

This problem seem to be here for years already. I saw some discussions about it already but no solutions.
We get different page views on “Pages” and on “Page titles” for the same pages. The difference between one and the other can be 3-times higher/lower.
What can be done here? Which number is correct? This is quite a difference…
Thank you for your help.


Are you sure the page title is still the same and unique for a specific URL? And for a single URL, the page title doesn’t vary?
How do you track? (log import, HTTP API, JavaScript API, MTM, other API…)
What is the daily volume of page views?

Hi @alenka,

I have often found in the most Websites that the same title is used on multiple URLs.
And very often there are attached URL parameters that were not configured as “to be ignored” in the customer Matomo backend.

Title “My Form Submit Page” in my example would be then 1.002 visits.

Or very common (both URL’s are for the same page )



thank you both for a quick reaction and sorry for taking me so long, but we were checking everything with our client.
The URLs with Parameter were checked, but the amount of those was not so many.
On pages (URL) we had 129 views for that page (together with all parameters, without them it was 106)
On Page Titles we had 298 page views
The page was not changed, the title and url have been the same all the time.
no redirects or similar were done.
We track via Javascript… so really not sure what could have happened here…

To be sure:
Check directly in the database the number of distinct action name is always 1 for each action url:
Be sure to check only action types = 1 (Piwik\Tracker\Action::TYPE_PAGE_URL) or 4 (Piwik\Tracker\Action::TYPE_PAGE_TITLE)