Page titles with custom variable break down

Hi Guys

First of all, great product and thanks for support. Page statistics is new thing for me but my boss wants me to implement and piwik looks like the best choice specially for intranet.

It’s probably something very simple, but I am struggling so here’s my problem.

We have big portal with few main pages. I implemented tracking on all of them with 3 custom variables: ROLE, GEO location and NT login that my php script gets from members login.
I get this data but I don’t seems to be able to display what I want.

What I need is a view exactly as Actions > Page titles but with a custom variable break down
for example:

Page Name            Page views     ...
Reporting page       12
   [ROLE]admin        3
   [ROLE]sme          5
   [ROLE]engineer     4
Main page            43
   [ROLE]admin       13
   [ROLE]sme         17
   [ROLE]engineer    13

I know you can [add new segment] to page titles view and specify the variable name I am looking for but this way I would have to create separete views for all possible custom variable values and I won’t be able to compare them…unless I don’t get it again :wink:

Thanks for your help.

You can wait for CUSTOM EVENTS feature which is coming in one month or so Custom Events analytics, event tracking · Issue #472 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub