Page render time

(mdrayer) #1

Would be great if Piwik could report the pages which take a long time to render. Essentially, start a timer when the page begins to render, then calculate the elapsed time and include with the rest of the data sent to the logger.

(vipsoft) #2

It might be possible to estimate the time, subject to any skewed results from loading third party content (eg ads) – even so, how would this be collected, aggregated, and graphed in a meaningful way to take action?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

To do so, you would have to put the piwik.js include at the top of the page, with a custom tracking call at the bottom of the page (eg. trackPageView(’/renderTime/$TIME’)) and then a custom plugin would take this data, exclude it from the “standard” page views list, and create a new report “load time by URL”, “load time by page title”, etc. This would be an interesting feature, doable in a plugin, but requiring a special Piwik Javascript setup (split the js snippet at the header and footer)