Page Overlay functionality


one Question about the new Page Overlay functionality. We have Piwik integrated into our CMS - and not all URLs pointing to our sites are automatically added to piwik. So when I open the Page Overlay for a Domain which is not added to Piwik it will only tell me:

[quote=“You are attempting to open Page Overlay for the URL WWW.DOMAIN.COM None of the domains from the Piwik settings matches the link.”][/quote]

So the Question is if it would be possible that Piwik checks if the Piwik Code is present on the called Domain - and if yes - show the Page Overlays - and not persist on the Domain entered in the Admin … ?

Thank you
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

no comment at all? :-/

post a comment or bug report in related ticket: Page Overlay - List of possible future improvements · Issue #3530 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

alright - posted!
hope this can be done! :slight_smile: