Page Name with / is not handled correctly


To populate Piwik’s DB, I use to import the logs from my webserver with the python import script.

Since Upgrade to latest version 1.8.4, the action_name tag is no more handled properly.

I set up my tracking code to have nested levels by using the “/” separator. I noticed that if there are only 2 levels (so 1 /) the first level won’t display. If there are more levels, everything will display like it should.

if action_name=level1/level2 -> Page name will only be level2
if action_name=level1/level2/level3 -> Page name will only be level1/level2/level3

I tested it again on previous version 1.8.3 and this problem doesn’t occur.

Thanks for your help.

Hi, No one can help for this bug ?

Thanks for the report. How can we reproduce the issue exactly? what URLs ?

What tracking code do you use, is it the js tracking default code?

If you are 100% sure there is a bug and have steps to reproduce, please create a bug at: and i will follow up ( or here)

Hi matt,

The only way for you to reproduce the issue is to populate the action_name tag like I described previously : with 1 “/” and with 2 "/"
We don’t use JS to create the tracking calls. but we build the piwik url “manually”. All my tests with 1.8.3 are OK but no more with 1.8.4


I’ve open a bug : Piwik 1.8.4 : Page Name with multiple levels is incorrect on mysqli · Issue #3402 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub