Page Name not defined - Using Logs Only - Why not curled

Dear Matomo!

For all websites, “Page titles” shows “Page Name not defined” for all pages!

Please note, due to GDPR, that we are only allowed to use log importing, and as such, no trackers etc.

Why are these not hashed or curled???

Are we doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help


You can use tracking even if you follow GDPR rules:

Following documentation How to use Log Analytics tool:

When using the server logs import (compared to JavaScript Tracking) there are be a few user data points missing: screen resolutions, browser plugins, and page titles are not available (report Behavior > Page Titles will be mostly empty).

@Phillipe: Yes; I know that log importing misses the page titles. No; we cannot use trackers. My question is why aren’t these Page Titles periodically curled and maintained in a regular URL to Page Title lookup table?