Page Component Timings and Page Navigation Timing

Hi Team,

Has anyone tried to get the time it took for the page components (Image load time, CSS and other scripts of the page) through Matomo.

Also, other than average timing for the page, i didn’t find any other details like these -

Let me know if it can be fetched into Matomo, if not already present.



Matomo 4 contains a brand new timing report:

I haven’t read the linked draft for the second version of the API, but it seems to be a very recent draft, so it probably will take some time for the first browsers to implement it.

Thank you, Lukas. I will check that out.

Any idea on the individual page components time?


Do you know any API implemented in any browser that allows to access this data?

Hi Lukas,

I was thinking of metrics similar to Appdynamics resource waterfall


Okay, I think I understand now how this works.

I created

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