Overview dropped to zero on one day

The “Overview” graph shows zero traffic for last Friday, 29 May. However the Visitor Log for that day does show traffic, in the range of the normal. Any idea what can cause this?

Thanks for any hint.


(Piwik 2.13.1)

I had this when the MySQL table piwik_log_link_visit_action hits the max integer in the idlink_va field.

Change it to BIGINT could help. At least I needed to


Thanks for the feedback.

I checked it and my values are far below the INT max. value.

To describe it more precisely:

[li] The missing data concerns only one day; the days before and after are OK
[/li][li] The data is missing in all widgets (e.g. Overview, Page Titles, Visitor Location, …) except the Visitor Log
[/li][li] The data is only missing if no segment is turned on (“All Visits”); with a segment, the data is there as normal

Hi there,

Check out this FAQ: Almost all reports and dates are working fine except one or a small number of days/weeks/months/date ranges which display zero visit. How do I fix this issue and restore the missing data? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Thanks, Matt, for the link. I did the re-processing as suggested (by dropping the tables) and the “hole” on 29 May is gone now :slight_smile: Sorry for not having searched the FAQ before.

BTW, the FAQ associates the issue with Piwik versions prior to 1.6 (“we fixed issues related to this problem in 1.6 and latest”) and recommends to update. Please note that my Piwik was 2.13.1 at the time of the missing visits, which seems to suggest that the bug is not yet (completely) fixed.