Overlay and Ldap Login

I seem to be having a problem related to the LoginLdap plugin when used with the new Overlay feature. When viewing an Overlay I get the error message “Error: Authentication failed”. When LoginLdap is disabled and the default Login plugin is used, it works fine. I have also tried granting read access to all reports to user “Anonymous”, but I still get the same problem. All the other features in Piwik seem to work great. I have checked and there are no PHP errors or Apache errors that I can see.
Anybody have any ideas that can point me in the right direction, or is there a fix available?


It’s probably that you found a bug. Maybe report it in the ldap plugin ticket?

Thank Matt; I did, so I’m just waiting for word. I would believe the problem is with the API of the overlay plugin however… I haven’t had much time to investigate, although it’s crucial for my employer. I was able to “hack” it so it does work temporarily. In the Overlay API, before the throw new exection, I set $success = 1, and then gave anonymous access to my main Piwik report, which we needed data for. This is DEFINITLY not ideal. But at least we can use the feature.
So… Question is, is it the overlay authentication or the ldap plugin?