Outlinks not recorded in FF & Safari

I am forcing a click on a link (redirect.php) to be recorded as an outlink. It’s my understanding I must force this because the website and link share the same domain.

I’ve tried using class=‘piwik_link’ and Javascript to manually trigger the outlink. This works fine for Chrome, IE, & Opera but not FireFox & Safari. For these two browsers, my visit is being recorded in the Visitor Log but no outlink action.

Is there a workaround or known issues with outlinks for these two browsers?

Thank you!

EDIT: Even if I move redirect.php to a different domain, no outlinks are recorded in these two browsers.

I’ve followed the suggestions mentioned here in the JavaScript Tracking section. Are there any other ideas?

Take a look here in case it covers something you are mising.


Can i ask what exactly are you trying to quantify?

Since your 2 pages are in the same domain and it seems you want to understand the flow between 2 pages could you not use the transitions report?(Again i feel i am guessing as to what you desire to track)

if you think you found a bug, please try create a small HTML file with piwik tracker that we can use to replicate the bug. Then I can look and see how to fix it. thx!