Outlinks and queryparams


what can I do, if outlinks not tracked?
I mean outlinks like this: Example Domain

I hope it is possible.

(JulienM) #2

Do you use the javascript tracking : http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/ ?

If so,


(which is included if you didn’t remove it) will track your outlinks.

How is your link generated ? With a A markup ? ( )

Is the domain of the link part of the domain of your website ?

Do you get any statistics at all in Piwik for “normal” page views ?


I’ve setup the JS Tracking, yes.


is enabled, links are enclosed in markup and everything is fine with the stats. Means all actions are tracked right.
The only thing are the outlinks to this specific URI scheme
Example Domain
and these links go away from my page, so these are not internal pagelinks.

(JulienM) #4

Does the link you’re trying to track share the same domain or subdomain as your website ?


No it’s an entierly different domain. A real outlink.

(JulienM) #6

In Settings/Websites, did you configure any excluded parameters?

What does


returns ?

(replace SEVERNAME, SITEID & TOKENAUTH with your values)


the output is the following:






I attached a screenshot of the output in piwik
This is the setting for folding in my ini

action_url_category_delimiter = /

(btw. the action_url_category_delimiter works for all uris, so it would be great if some regex is possible to set kind of custom folding in future?!
And I noticed, that setting action_url_category_delimiter = § - folding is disabled for all linktracking but in outlinks, it still folded?!
I use the latest piwik.

Hope that helps…

(JulienM) #8

Your issue is much clearer now.

There are a couple of possibilities.

  1. Instead of using links to mediafire looking like :


you could use this form


  1. In http://piwik.org/docs/javascript-tracking/ there is a way to override the URL being tracked :

setCustomUrl( string ) – Override the page's reported URL

But I’m not sure at which point you’re supposed to override it.

(vipsoft) #9

If you have any other click handlers, make sure they don’t return a value (e.g., true/false). A click handler that returns false will prevent other click handlers from running (eg. Piwik’s outlink tracking), and there’s no guarantee that Piwik’s click handler is registered first. Similarly, a click handler that returns true isn’t cross-browser compatible, and in some cases, also causes other click handlers from running.


so it seems not really possible to track this kind of uri’s, whyever - in case of mediafire it’s ok to use the alternative link, that’s right. I just was confused that piwik treat the querystring of outlinks.
I looked into the setCustomUrl( string ) this is a pretty good option but I have to write a plugin to use the custom data which is a bit senseless since there is an outgoing link plugin.

thanks so far!