OS + Browser, without resolution


Hello everybody,

When you go to Visitors -> Settings, there is a table called “Configurations” which shows which OS with which browser on which resolution is the most popular. Now, I am a bit interesseted in this set of data, only I don’t care about the resolution. I want to change some settings on my webserver, which are incompatible with IE users on Windows XP. I need to know which percentage of my users can’t use my webserver anymore, after those changes. Or when that percentage is too high (which I really hope not :wink: ) I’m not gonna do these changes.

How can I extract information like this?

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I have the same question. I’ve tried approach to use pivotBy
The idea is to get browsers report and then apply OsVersions report on top of it


but it tells error.
I don’t understand how to get valid key for pivotBy.