Ordering of groups (for WebsiteGroups plugin)

(James) #1

Right now there is no way of ordering groups that one enters through WebsiteGroups plugin. It appears as if they are ordered by the group ID or at least in the order they were created. I need most important groups on the top of the “all websites” list and right now I can’t do that - my the most important group is now on page 3 and I have to click on pagination links to get to it. It’s really annoying.

Next thing that would be nice is to have an option to select a group already when adding a website and not through “all websites” only.

Another would be an option to select multiple websites and assign them to a group rather than doing it one-by-one.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi there,

please submit your feature request to the issue tracker of that plugin directly, as we keep track of requests over there rather than in the forums Issues · PiwikPRO/plugin-WebsiteGroups · GitHub

(James) #3

Done. Submitted. Thanks.