Optimalisation problem

I’m trying to install piwik to track website which have ~5M views per day.
I’v installed piwik on VM with 8vCPU and 16GB RAM, disks are able to get ~2500 IOPS
Problem is that whatever I configure PHP7 and mysql, PIWIK is running only one CPU to 100%, other are abatu 5% load, and chart with daily views is generating for about 16 minutes

Am I doing something wrong? Do i need stronger server for this?

Please help…

I don’t know if but think (as it’s not documented) that Piwik is not making use of multi-threading due to the nature of PHP, although it is possible.

Have you read Optimize and Scale Piwik - Analytics Platform - Piwik and How to configure Piwik for speed - Analytics Platform - Piwik?

e. g. “If your website tracks 100M+ pages per month, Piwik may start to reach php memory limits or other mysql or hardware limitations.”