"Oops… there was a problem during the request." realtime page

PHP 8.2.3


I’ve noticed for a few days (maybe since the last Matomo update?) that the Realtime page displays this error : Oops… there was a problem during the request.

However, no problem to generate reports in cron task, and the reports generated by the browser are well disabled.

Any idea how to get details of the error to fix the problem?

Same here: My installation has been absolutely fine, visitor log without problems.
And after upgrade to Matomo-Version: 4.14.1 again the “Oops…” problem with visitor logs at every website. I did not change anything, can’t find any server restrictions or server load problems.

How can I - as a user and not coder or server specialist - get more info about the trigger for this error and find a simple step by step advice for a solution?

a other Matomo User at the German part of this forum has the same issue after the 4.14.1 update.
I for myself haven’t that problem at my Matomo installation, but to troubleshoot this, the first step would be to check the logfiles at the webserver. Mostly there are errors logged.

I was able to solve that by setting the folder-rights of “tmp” to 755 recursively.
But now I’m not sure, if this is the best way to solve…
How should the authorization of this folder look like to be on the safe side?

folder-rights 755
file-rights 644
should be ok.

Sometimes I had also some problems with the ownership of the folders below tmp/templates_c and I needed to correct that too.

Same here - crossposting: Update auf 4.14.1 - Besuche in Echtzeit funktioniert nicht mehr

No change of chmod on my side, everything is already correct although the error persists.

Hm. I got to this solution (for me) because tmp suddenly had been the only folder with different permissions, and the logs showed some writing permission error there, although of course I hadn’t changed anything at all.
Maybe it can help if you post your last error logs here. (I am not the server expert but maybe someone else…)

facing the same issue

Hi @muhammad_haseeb, @Outline
Can you check the error log file?