Only partial data visible -> but database has more entries

Dear piwik team,

lately i have some problem with piwik for which i have not found a solution yet.
At some day the data for some uses drops to zero ALTHOUGH data is tracked and stored onto the database!
But this bug is not the same for all users.
For example:

  • User1 can see the data for a given website from 1. feb to 12. feb
  • User2 can only see the the data from that same website from 1. feb to 10. feb

User2 can see 2 more days of data although both users have the same rights.
When i delete a user and give him the same rights the user is again able to see the full data.

But as of today i have the same problem as the superuser. I can only see all the data till yesterday. But the tracking continues and the data is still stored in the database. It just doesnt appear on the statistics page.

Has anyone else encountered this bug? The wierd thing is that i can see partial data. How is that possible?


Normally, all users should see the exact same data, when they request the same report within the same minutes (except for report “today” of course).

What you is experiencing is maybe: Period reports must always or never include today's statistics · Issue #5793 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

Thank you very much for your answer.

But the problem is different from the one you posted.
For example: I have tracked data in the database tables piwik_log_action, piwik_log_visit and piwik_log_link_visit_action from today (21th of feb). But when i log in to piwik only data up until the 15th of february is shown for all users. Even if i select data from last week/month.

Could it be an error in the archive_numeric and archive_blob tables? Since the collected data is so much i use a cronjob.
Could the archiving be the problem? Is it possible to delete the archive numeric and blob tables so piwik can create new from the data?

Since reinstalling piwik didnt work i think it might be a problem with the stored data or to be more specific the archiving of the stored data.

Edit: What i found out so far:
If if ask the API for data using


the xml i get is:

<result date="2011-02-04">6312</result>
<result date="2011-02-05">3905</result>
<result date="2011-02-06">4633</result>
<result date="2011-02-07">8421</result>
<result date="2011-02-08">8428</result>
<result date="2011-02-09">8566</result>
<result date="2011-02-10">8452</result>
<result date="2011-02-11">7498</result>
<result date="2011-02-12">5534</result>
<result date="2011-02-13">6453</result>
<result date="2011-02-14">10618</result>
<result date="2011-02-15"/>
<result date="2011-02-16"/>
<result date="2011-02-17"/>
<result date="2011-02-18"/>
<result date="2011-02-19"/>
<result date="2011-02-20"/>
<result date="2011-02-21"/>

So no data after the 14th feb.
But if i use the following SQL-Stement on the used database directly

FROM piwik_log_visit
WHERE visit_server_date = "2011-02-20"

i get about 10k data sets. So Piwik keeps on tracking the data.

Thanks alot and regards,

Please try and delete all archive_* tables, they will be re-created from the logs (assuming you havent deleted your piwik_log_*

Hey guys,

I know this thread is from 2011, but I’ve been facing the same problem lately.

Did anyone find a permanent solution?