Only my visits are tracked, but not the visits of other people

Hello! I recently installed Piwik on a website hosted by 000webhost. I’m using the image tracking code on my website, as the Javascript one isn’t working. The problem is that Piwik only tracks visits from my IP, but it doesn’t track any other visitors. Why is this happening? What shall I do? Thank you in advance.

Is your Piwik instance located behind a proxy ?

I can see only my visits to a particular website i m intending to track!!!. I am working in an organisation and we are using a proxy server fro accessing internet.I had gone through the proxy configuration you have provided in the forum.But i could not find a solution for this problem.Can you please help me fix this as it is a part of my project. Please tell me in detail what has to be the port number for apache etc that was used to install Piwik.

See config/global.ini.php. There are settings for proxy_client_headers, proxy_host_headers, and proxy_ips. These are specific to your environment/set-up.