Only my first 15 domains appear in dropdown

Hi, new user (with 20+ years experience at web administration), who has installed Piwik on 24 domains I host. In the admin, on the Manage Access screen, the dropdown list of domain names only shows the first 15 domains I added to Piwik. I did not add the domains in alphabetical order, the list of domains in the dropdown is alphabetized as one would expect, but for some reason the other domains don’t appear, and if they did, they would be sorted throughout the 15 that do appear. However, when I look at the All Websites dashboard the 24 domains appear properly, and they are accumulating traffic counts, so it’s not like 16 thru 24 are misconfigured. Sounds like a bug to me, but since I’m new at this app I’ll leave open the option of some odd setting I’m not seeing. Same thing occurs in Firefox, Safari, and Chrome, so it’s not a browser thing. Ideas, suggestions, or magic incantations to resolve the problem will be greatly appreciated.

Piwik 2.14.3
FreeBSD 10.1p19
Apache 2.4.16
PHP 5.6.13
MySQL 5.6.27


I discovered that you can change this in config/global.ini.php by adjusting

site_selector_max_sites = <desired value>

In my case, I’ve set it to 30.

That appears to solve my problem, and I thank you for the answer.

Since I run a dedicated server solely for log analysis, It looks like the UI will be terribly ugly when I add another 30 websites to the app. I can see I’ve got some programming to do to turn this into a true dropdown list, whiich will be more elegant and functional.


Hi guys

we are doing a bit of redesign work in: New Piwik design when main menu is on the left · Issue #7589 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

For sure we would love also some contributions regarding improving behavior of website selector