Only intranet data recorded


First of all I would like to say that I have read the “No Data” troubleshooting guide and I could not find an answer there.

I have the following problem:
I set up 3 websites with a piwik installation, but none of them records any data!
Except 1 single visit from my INTRANET address.

Yes, piwick is on the webserver and the javascript contains the correct website, not localhost or 127.0.0…

The database:
piwik_log_visit is empty (except the above mention intranet acces)
piwik_log_action seems to be recording the data correctly!
piwik_log_link_visit_action is also recording data!

Both blob and numeric archive are saved correctly…

Anyone has any ideea what could be the problem?
Thank you very much!

You can try and debug it: Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo or use Firebug

Thank you Matthieu.

I have enabled the debugging and installed Firebug.

I noticed the following:
piwik_track: undefined

Unfortunately the Response for the long piwik link is empty…
If I copy and paste only this line to the browser:
array (
‘idsite’ => ‘3’,
‘rec’ => ‘1’,
‘rand’ => ‘0.944982675191571’,
‘h’ => ‘10’,
‘m’ => ‘38’,
‘s’ => ‘24’,
‘url’ => ‘http:/…php’,
‘urlref’ => ‘http://…/’,
‘res’ => ‘1920x1200’,
‘cookie’ => ‘1’,
‘pdf’ => ‘1’,
‘qt’ => ‘0’,
‘realp’ => ‘0’,
‘wma’ => ‘0’,
‘dir’ => ‘0’,
‘fla’ => ‘1’,
‘java’ => ‘1’,
‘gears’ => ‘0’,
‘ag’ => ‘0’,
‘action_name’ => ‘…’,

Loading plugins: { Provider,Goals,GeoIP}
Detected action normal page view, Action name: …, Action URL = http://…php
Object id #93
Visitor doesn’t have the piwik cookie (id=
New Visit.

No ideea what could be wrong…

piwik_track: undefined - are you using the old JS Tag, or the new one?

Im sorry, I dont understand the question.
The tracking tag did not changed.

I have noticed a couple of recorded visits from outside, with the ip of the router, but I cant reproduce it.
The visitor in real time wall is frosen again. (this webpage is also in our network but on a different server).

I found out that we are behind a router and probably this is problem…
Unfortunately I have no ideea how to debug correctly.

I have this same issue. The trackPageView is returning undefined.