Only half of the users left sind update from 1.11.1 to 1.12


maybe someone can help us.

On the 20th of June we updated from version 1.11.1 to version 1.12 and then we only had half of users we used to have. Instead of nearly 7000, there are now only 3,500. In this forum here we found a similar description of the error. There was a proposal to optimize the MySQL DB. We did that last evening, but nothing seems to help.

We have an intranet with Citrix users. In November we had a similar problem. We adjusted the parameters trust_visitors_cookies. Could it be that this value plays a role here again?

Does anyone have an idea?

I don’t know what could be the problem, maybe contact Professional Services for further investigation:

Meanwhile, we have identified the cause: Sometime after the version 1.10.1 four new fields for the table log_visit have been introduced, one is called “config_os_version”. In our intranet many user sessions are running under Citrix. The corresponding calculated value for this field is “Server 2003”. With this value, the write operation goes wrong. The complete record is not written.
The call Piwik_Tracker getDatabase :: () -> query ($ sql, $ bind) in Visit.php is not coming back, the action is not counted!.
So 3,500 visitors per day with all actions are lost in our statistics.
As a quick workaround, we now reduced the length of the value in Visits.php to “2003”. We dit not check if the error is caused by the length or the white space of the original entries. We also do not know whether the field is ever evaluated, there is still the old field config_os, obviously with a sufficient value “WS3” for the OS statistics.

As a real fix of course the writing process has to be corrected.

Most troubling to us ist, that there were no errors in any logs on the data loss. Finally these entries are the basis of all statistics.

Thanks for the follow up, I put this in the related ticket: Deprecate UserSettings plugin -> use DeviceDetection instead! · Issue #3962 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

bug was fixed in fields config_os_version and config_device_type are not large enough · Issue #4203 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub