One visit corresponds to several idvisitor

Hi, I am using matomo,and recently I found a strange data which shows that some actions in a same visit have diffrent idvisitor. I did not use User ID but just use the default setting.
anyone know the reason and how to fix it?

Hi @wenjuan_xie
Can you confirm how the enable_userid_overwrites_visitorid setting is set?

I did not use User ID feature. Just keep the default setting.
Can I just replace to use the idvisitor in log_visit table to caliculate the true user quantity ?

Hi @wenjuan_xie

Sorry, I missed this info you put in your first post :roll_eyes:

In the matomo_log_visit table, can you check there is several idvisitor for one single idvisit? What about configid? and idsite?

How do you track visits?

In the matomo_log_visit table, one single idvisit have only one single idvisitor.
For now I use idvisit to track visits data, one idvisit represent a single visit. and one single idvisitor represent a unique user.
So , can I just use the idvisitor In the matomo_log_visit table to calculate some user data?for example, I want to count how many users triggered an event. But there are several idvisitor in the matomo_log_link_visit_actiontable for a single idvisit. if I just count the idvisitor in the matomo_log_link_visit_actiontable, the number even bigger than the count of idvisitor in the matomo_log_visit table,which is very strange.

Hi @wenjuan_xie
Can you try to see the idvisit #4223120 in the Matomo dashboard visit log and compare it to the actions rows you found in the database, just to confirm this is a single visit.
My assumption is that for any reason idvisitor was different along the whole visit (because based on changing things) but Matomo was able to reconcile the whole visit in a single one…
But I think that, for this user, if he comes back he would probably not be counted as returning visitor… Or maybe is it due to a set of users behind a same proxy, as the IP is the same Matomo could consider this is only one whereas there are several…?
Have a look at: