One tracking code, two sites?

I have a main site I am tracking but I need to track one page on another site where users actually sign up. I just need to know how many signed up, correlated into the main stats.

Can I add the same tracking code on both sites?

Yes, you can.
Do you use MTM or directly the JavaScript API?

Hi, I’m not sure what MTM means so I guess I’m not using that.
I’m using the JavaScript tracking code that is generated by matomo when you create a new measurable.

My setup is that we have a marketing site, an application site and yet another site which are all standalone sites or sub-domains yet all of them work together. I need to have correlated information between them which I do not have.

So for example, I’d like to know when someone landed on the marketing site, decided to create an account on the application site, then activated their account. I’d also need to know if they visited the third site for support information or not.

I need all these stats in just one of the domains, correlated.

So you can use the same tracking code to gather the data.
Don’t forget to configure:

Also in the tracking code, don’t forget to configure:

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No kidding? This may be exactly what I’ve been needing in trying to correlate data and movement between sites. I’ll try this out and see what happens.

Just to be sure, I don’t need anything special in terms of access or permissions right? Each site just needs to have the tracking code and port 80/443 access to the matomo site?

Thank you very much.

Just use the code provided by:



Maybe this one will work. Thanks for your input.