One Click Update visible in foreign browser

Hi there,

today I updated my company’s Piwik form 2.7.1 to 3.0.3. I started the download and file deployment as a logged-in user from the backend until I came to the point where I had to upgrade the database.

I then deactivated Piwik tracking and backend according to this FAQ: How to - Analytics Platform - Piwik

To check the settings in the config/config.ini.php I called Piwik from a different browser where I was not (and never had been) logged in. Due to a typo the backend was not disabled, and instead of a login I got the Upgrade window as in the first browser.

I don’t think this is supposed to be this way?!?

There also was another error during the upgrade process (in case the two are related): the CustomOptOut plugin still was at V 0.4.1, and gave me an error screen until I had it disabled.

Best regards