One (and only one) specific page not being tracked

(James Wang) #1

Hi there,

I’m using hosted Matomo. There’s only one page that isn’t being tracked. I can’t easily reproduce this, I’m mainly now looking for places to look to debug this.

  • I have heatmaps and recordings active—those work fine
  • All requests in dev tools get a 200 response, and look just fine
  • No errors in the console suggesting issues
  • Visitors who hit this particular page have 0 actions. They’re recorded, but the pageview is not there

Any ideas on where else I can look?

(If it makes a difference, I also have ecommerce pageview tracking on this page in the footer)

(James Wang) #2

For others’ reference—it’s working now. The issue was an emoji in our SEO title that seemed to be breaking page tracking. (The light bulb, specifically. Not sure why that one, since we have emojis on other titles too and those are working fine).

Either way, thanks, Matomo support!

(Fabian Dellwing) #3

Could be related: