Old e-mail-reports

Years ago, our website was relaunched. Nevertheless, my colleague every month gets an e-mail-report of the old website, although I deleted all listed e-mail-reportings in our account.

Could someone tell me how to stop these old reports?

Thank you very much!

Maybe there’s another account with e-mail reports configured? You can check the reports in piwik_report table.

Unfortunately, it cannot be retraced if anybody created another account in the past. Maybe piwik can check my colleague’s email adress and stop any report directed to that adress? Could you contact me by email so that I (or my colleague himself) can tell you the mentioned email adress? Thank You very much!


You can check e-mail headers to determine which host sent this e-mail. To be honest I’m a little bit confused right now. Is some Piwik instance sending e-mails or it’s something else?