Offline piwik with xampp

(susi_333) #1

I try to install piwik offline to do the statistics on my local computer. Therefore I use xampp.
I have troubles installing piwik . It telle me

Piwik requires either the mysqli extension or both the PDO and pdo_mysql extensions.

But, i postet in the xampp forum and both mysqli and PDO is running. So I really dont know how to solve that.
Many thanks

(sivakumar) #2


Create a test.php page with

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and call localhost/test.php

search for mysqli , pdo. If both are present then i don’t think you will have a problem.

If not, go the file and uncomment

now restart apache and check…
It will work.

(susi_333) #3

sorry I dont get it done. in the test.php it tells me that mysqli and pdo is enabled.
then I tried to uncomment the extensions:

  • extension=php_mysqli.dll doesnt exist in the php.ini file. if i add it I get the message of xampp “mysqli already located”. but it doesnt work either.

  • extension=php_pdo.dll is already uncommented

even after restarting the server i cannot install piwik. sorry. any other suggestions?

(vipsoft) #4

Please read and apply the change re: escapeshellmd

(susi_333) #5

problem solved. it was necessary to uncomment the escapehellcmd line. thanks for your help