Offline installation (xampp) path to log files

i try to install piwik offline with xampp. Thanks to you help i managed to install it.
Question 1
Now I have the problem that I dont know where to put my log files or where to enter the path to the logfiles.
Question 2
I also like to know how to tell piwik that there are more than one website to analyse. Is it just that I enter an additional website or how do I tell piwik that there is more than one website to analyse.
Question 3
In addition (to make to more complex) I have logfiles of 4 websites. So how do I get splitted analysis? Of course it would be great to have an analysis for one website and one analysis for all together but thats probably not possible. If it is possible let me know how.
Question 4
AWStats needs one long logfile. can piwik handle many short apache files?

Ok thats many questions but I searched for it on the internet wasnt successful. Oh yeah and I’m using xampp if that is of interest. Many thanks, Susi from old good Germany

Piwik uses JavaScript tracking code.

A.1. Piwik is not a log file analyzer. It doesn’t need to know where your web server log files are.

A.2. Settings | Web Sites - add another website; copy the tracking code to your website’s pages

A.3. N/A - see A.1.

A.4. ditto

thanks for the reply. I worked with awstats before, sorry.

i want to use piwik offline. that why I was asking about where to put the log files. how do I run piwik offline (with xampp) if it doesnt need log files? if there is a documentation I’m happy to read it as I didnt finde one for offline analysis.
many thanks

Wait for Piwik 0.8. We’re adding a server-side tracking API. Once that’s done, we’ll be able to import from phpMyVisites, replay Apache log files, etc.

hmm ok. well I have a few more questions as I really like to use piwik.

  • is it not possible to use piwik offline? (if so maybe I use it in my drupal installation online)
  • if it is possible how?
  • when comes version 0.8 approximatly style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/smile.gif
  • how do i export the piwik analysis (not just a few charts) of like the last 6 month? so where exactly are the data stored

thanks for your work. great job and far better then google (i dont like these guys anyway, but now i have an alternativ

I can’t provide a reliable estimate for the release of 0.8.

There are a number of issues on the roadmap to work thru.

ok thanks, I already thought so. its hard tosay a fixed date. maybe you can give me a clear statement to the other questions. otherwise i still try to install piwik offline, export date from drupal…