Odd result when using custom date range

I am experiencing a very strange behaviour when using custom date range.
I select a date range of 7 days, I choose Behaviour/Pages and then I filter the result (using search tool provided in the dashboard) for a single web page. I get “There is no data for this report”. But if I search the same web page for each single day of the range I get some data. It looks like that when data are available only for some days of the range, Matomo decides to not going on and simply assume that there are no data at all for the whole range.
How can I correct this strange behaviour?

Thanks in advance.


We’re seeing the same thing using the Custom reports plugin. Any report created in the last 3 weeks or so shows no data where period of week is used and the date ranges crosses over a month. Older reports work fine and teh underlying data is there as we see it for each day. Also have tried invalidating the data for the site(s) multiple times with no change. Not sure if it’s related.