OAuth credentials permission failling

Every time I try to do an import, I get this error message. It seems to me, however, that I have created what I needed by following the instructions.

Has anyone ever had this experience?

Error message: Your OAuth credentials do not have permission to access all of your Google Analytics data. Please ensure you have enabled access to the Google Analytics API and the Google Analytics Reporting API.

Hi Yannick,

This will be due to the permissions in your google api search console. You may need to verify your site ownership


Thanks for your help Jason.
But I don’t think it’s the problem as you can see below :disappointed_relieved: :


Hi Yannick,

Can you try an import from the console ./console searchengines:import-google --idsite=1 to see if it supplies any further troubleshooting information?

Hey thanks Jason,
Thanks for your help, I know what’s wrong now!