Numbers of actions differs from visitors

Hi all,
Since Piwik Rel. 1.2 (currently we use 1.8.4) there’s a big difference between actions and visits. Piwik is evaluating statistically an callcenter intranet which is used as a knowledge base.

See screenshot of a normal day.

Visits typically start at 08:00 AM, reaches it’s peak level at noontime bevor visits run out at about 23:00 PM.
[attachment 912 ScreenHunter_016.jpg]

This is contradictory to the action statistics which according to Piwik has the peak level between 23:00 and 01:00.
We can’t confirm these figures by compare them with the webserver access logs.
[attachment 913 ScreenHunter_015.jpg]

The data aggregation is running every 15 Minutes (from 02:00 to 22:00) via archiving script. Additionally 23:30 and 00:30.

Has anyone the same experience or a solution for this problem?

Best regards

it looks like all the visits are tracked in midnight or 1… are you sure you are importing logs correctly?

Hi matt,

we are not using logfiles from webservers. We just tracking via snippet and piwik.js.

To aggregate the data, we’re using the script.