Numbers differ -> report: Acquisition -> All Channels -> Campaigns vs. report: Acquisition -> Campaigns?

Hello, the numbers in the two reports Acquisition -> All Channels -> Campaigns versus Acquisition -> Campaigns differ for a website I supervise. I expect the numbers in both reports to be the same for a given campaign (period & segment are identical, of course). But they are not.

The campaign uses a specific term exclusively in its Campaign Name. No other campaign uses this term in any other parameter

  1. Acquisition -> All Channels -> Campaigns gives me 413 as the number of visits to a campaign.

  2. Acquisition -> Campaigns -> Campaign Name gives me the number 390 as the number of visits for the same campaign.

How can the numbers differ then? As I understand it, both reports use the same data basis. Or not? Is it a bug or my personal operational blindness?

Thanks for the clarification!

Screenshot see comments, since the forum allows me to upload only 1 foto…

Acquisition -> All Channels -> Campaigns

Acquisition -> Campaigns -> Campaign Name


It seems like there are Visitors that do not seem to belong to any campaign, but are logged as referrer type “Campaign”?

My Description: No campaign or source, but appear in segment “Campaign” (a segment i created that only shows Visits of referrer type “Campaign”)


I have the same problem and had already opened a thread.

Unfortunately I don’t have an explanation yet. Are there any new findings from your side?


Hi there,

Did you get a solution regarding this bug?



No, no solution yet. It still happends - I view visitors that belong to the referrer Type “Campaign”, but neither a campaign name, nor campaign keyword, etc. is shown in their visit log.