Number formatting problem with php 7?


after moving to a new server (from Debian 7 with standard mysql and php5.6 via dotdeb to Debian 8 with mariadb and php7.0 via dotdeb) some problems occur.
With language set to german seconds are shown like 0…15 s and 0.2 s (where 0,15 s and 0,2 s would be correct).
In english it displays correctly.
Where exactly is this formatting done in your code? So I can test what happens there …



I changed line 224 in NumberFormatter.php

if (!is_numeric($value) || $value<1000) {

My „solution“ wasn’t a good one.

Better is changing line 224 in NumberFormatter.php to:

if (!is_numeric($value) || is_float($value)) {

Hi Oliver,

For such bug reports & patches that you kindly contribute, please always use our issue tracker on github, as developers don’t read the forum often or regularly! but we do read github every day or so. thanks: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub

Okay, I opened an issue on github:

Hope it helps!