NULL Dashboard - doesn't reset to default


Hey there,

We have run into an issue recently with our Piwik Stats Setup, in that websites added do not pull the default dashboard. When logging into the account, we receive this notice:

Your Dashboard does not contain any widgets. Start by adding some widgets or just reset the dashboard to the default widget selection.

Add a widget Reset dashboard

We can add widgets without issue, however we would like it reset to the default widget selection which has been working up until now. When clicking Reset Dashboard, it just shows the same popup again.

Creating a new dashboard causes the same thing to happen.

Any idea as to what is going on?

(Stefan Giehl) #2

Piwik has the possibility to set the default dashboard to an own widget selection.
Maybe someone set that while having the dashboard empty.

Please have a look in the database table user_dashboard.
There might be an entry in it without a login (and an empty name). If so, remove ONLY this entry and the default piwik dashboard should be reset.